Our Story – is it truth or fiction.

Now we are working on being in balance, yet we are seeing that we have created a lot of turmoil in our lives as well as in others lives. We are beginning to understand that to stand in the truth does not always mean what we have been using as a story in our truth.

I have spent much time looking at what I call stories of my life. I have listened to others as they tell the stories that we have experienced together. I have come to an understanding that the truth may have nothing to do with what is happening.

What do I mean by this? I have found that in my life I recently, meaning the past 10 to 15 years, have told myself that I did not like roller coasters. What do roller coasters have to do with stories? Well, some how I had forgotten that my most favorite ride at Disneyland was the Matterhorn, which is a roller coaster. Yet my story has been that I would have sworn that I hated roller coasters.

As I contemplated about what this meant to me I came to an understanding that we do not mean to lie to ourselves. It has more to do with an undercurrent of energies that begin to play out in our lives.

When we make choices that really change the whole of our internal makeup, it is not always an easy task to re-find your self. Some of us, and then only in desperation, bother to ask (not really listening) what has happened to me? Why am I not the person I thought I was going to be?

We are making choices every single moment of every single day. When did you give up your ability to stand in the truth for just yourself?

Was it in high school, when you met your first true best friend and started doing things that were not even a little ok with you? When did each of us give up our ability to only do just for ourselves?

This is when we took the first step in not being “US,” So there are things we are going to change about our stories.

Why would we want to tell the world about our first little bitty step outside of us? The first time we stepped over our own boundary it may have been as simple as our mother telling us to put on a coat when we were not cold. Yes, that can be the first step of ignoring our own internal voice.

No wonder by the time we are in secondary school or at the job that we are telling stories that really have nothing to do with the truth…

So now what ??????

We’ll continue exploring this in the next post…

have a great day and into the evening tide…

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