Our Choices and Mind Chatter.

As we begin to see that so many of our choices are made under duress, it seems a daunting chore to find ourselves. We have convinced ourselves that there are so many reasons why we should not make choices for ourselves alone. So many that I would like you to send me several of your reasons and I will show you how you got there and some of the things you can do to get back to the real happy you!

First thing we must look at is what I call mind chatter; it is there so much of the time. We have gotten so used to hearing it that we no longer are aware it is not our own voice. This of course makes it very difficult to then try to hear that internal voice so many talk about.

So mind chatter is the voices of all those that wanted us to do it their way. Why? Because they did not have the courage to do it their way in their own life. So they came to the thought that “if I control all those around me I will be safe and happy.”

Yet how often when you do it their way are they happy anyway? I think this is the very question that should be weighed against everything you are choosing to do that is not for your very intimate self.

Once you start having the quiet courage to make choices just for yourself, you will find that you are becoming happier. Once you become happier you will be able to start hearing that inner voice that will guide you in a way that is always for self.

You will begin to see how your life experiences begin to shift. You will be happy about getting up in the morning, you will begin to look forward to the things that are going to happen to you and how you will deal with them differently than you had in the past. It will not be hard to speak up and have your needs be the most important things to have happen.

When you put this into effect in your life you will also begin to see how those around you will start to interact differently. Some may be happy and benefit from your new awareness’ and others will have to walk away.

Do you understand what I’m saying? If not I’m waiting to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day into the evening tide.

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