OPINIONS… We can have them, are we to share them?

It has come to me through my studies, that even when asked, it is not wise to share our opinions. They are really not wanted. Opinions, I have found, are just for ourselves. Opinions just show us where our beliefs are.

Beliefs are just the stories that we write and play in here on this earth. Philosophic minds through the ages have always proclaimed that this is a theatre upon which we are the playwrights; That the whole world is a stage on which we stand. So we must look at our stage, the character at which we play. Our opinions show us that very thing.

It shows us if we hold too harshly to control, for we will always wish others to hear and abide by our opinions as if they are the whole truth. But then we have forgotten that others also have a stage, a theater of their own. That they also have opinions. They got theirs by the single walk they took on their stage, by the words they wrote.

That they have an internal director as we have. It does not matter how old, or young we are we all have come with the same purpose in mind . To write for ourselves. “Then how do we teach our young?” some may ask. By guardianship, by example of love and kindness. By ourselves learning to ask questions of ourselves. By letting the answers come to us from within.

Share this kind of kinship with the young and the old. For remember, opinion is for self. Just to show where our play is. As for those that are around us that simply must share, well, listen with a loving heart and then ask a question or two, to lighten the opinion so it can dislodge itself.

You will be surprised at the wisdom that will shine if we all learn not to share opinions but learn to read them instead. It is a path to enlightenment. These opinions that we all have, but must not share…. try it. See what happens in your play, your life here on earth…

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