Open Your Heart to Joy Each and Every Day

be-still-1I have been writing about self for some time now and it is with the deepest and most profound love for me and for you that I spend the time in contemplation to have a forum to share with each and any one that is truly on the path of change .

So, when I share with you, it is not to force upon you my way of thinking… it is to share that there is a way and it sets itself in front of you the minute that you truly desire to have the change in your life. I am seeing so many of you ask for change and then as it begins to show itself to you in your life expression you turn your back on it. You fight it, you do all the things that you did in the past and so you are in an even deeper struggle because you had hope for the change… it came but yet your eyes did not see that it was there for you to take hold of.

I look at this and ask myself what words can I write to inspire, to hold out hope and love so that you can walk away from the most scary world that you are living now and yet walk into the embrace of your love. Yes, it is your very own love you are afraid to walk toward.

It sounds impossible that we would be so afraid to walk into our very own love, doesn’t it? Once you get to the other side as many have, then you can hear what I am saying. It is truly the scariest thing that you can ever do. Simply make a change that brings the truest form of love and truth into your every day chaotic world. I am not telling you chaos will not be there it will. I am telling you it will take diligence on your part to maintain your joy. Even though joy is the natural state of the Universe, here on Planet Earth we, all of us, created a plane that allows each of us to express and experience our feelings and emotions.

It is called free will. That free will allows you not to recognize that you are god, that it is your birthright to express in joy, to have always what your heart desires, and to have your needs met and filled on a moment to moment basis. So you have to learn to open your heart each and every day to allow yourself to stand in the truth that you are god, that it is your right to have and to express your needs, to have the joy that makes you just be the most glorious you. Or you automatically go into free will and believe that you are fallible.

Once you take the time to really allow yourself to be the most magnificent that you truly are you shall be on the most wonderful adventure. I can say that because you will see the world through different eyes and yet still have the most glorious expression as you walk through you life with the expression of love. Yet even though you are doing those things entailed in what we call ‘daily life’, they speak to you in a whole different way.




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