Only Your Scale Leads to True Evaluation

Only Your Scale Leads to True EvaluationWhy do you think that it is so hard to know when you are supposed to get your needs met? This is a conversation that I have with each and every person I am working with. What is it about the beliefs, opinions, and social consciousness that puts you off of having your internal and external needs met?

I would be ever so happy if you would really take some time on these questions. It is time for you to always put on the scale, as those thoughts go rushing through your head, why you can not really go full throttle in sitting in the need that is going to make you the happiest.

I hear many answers to these questions but the answer never pertains to you personally. Please read that last line once again. Your answers are never about you, how you cannot do it because you can’t, it is about how you might hurt someone else by walking through the experience and getting your need filled.

Why is it so easy for you to put someone else on your scale? Those emotions that have not filled your heart with the peace and happiness that is your god given right. Let me state this in a way that might be more helpful… Each and every person on this planet, no matter how young or old, has their very own scale.

Yes, they do and it is, and has always been, the individuals responsibility (knowing you are the god being) and accountability (making those choices that support the knowing of being the god being) unto themselves.

So then when you are trying to fill your very own needs so that your heart is always in joy, why do you not just put your needs, your desires, on your very own scale?

You must come to the understanding that if you are guardians of small people on this planet it is your duty to begin to teach them, as you are teaching yourself, how to begin filling their own needs. It might be a wonderful discovery for you to see how easily a young person will go out and immediately with your permission begin the process of having their needs met.

Take the time to truly look at this. How many times have you said or had it said to you, ‘Do not have children in your life if you are not ready to have them want every and anything they can get.’ Hmm… maybe they are here to teach you how to begin to put yourself first.

Please begin to look at the truth that you must put yourself on your own scale first, You must fill your own needs first. If you believe that you are sharing love with someone else, yet in your internal heart you are very sad because your life is not the way you desire to be living it, what on this earth makes you think that you are sharing or giving love to anyone at all?

You are not, you are sharing how to have ‘less than’ with each and every person you are interacting with ….

Think about that for awhile because my friend that is the Truth …





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