only one person knows you the best…

So, how are you doing with your positive thoughts? When you refuse to deal with the real life issues that are going on in your life you might discover that “positive thoughts” alone don’t change anything. Yes, one of the main reasons that you always feel that no one can hear you, or understand you, is because even though you use terms of peace and harmony, you smile and try and help all around on the outside… you’re cringing inside.

Those things are all wasted if your underlining feelings do not match. So, what I am trying to express here is that the first place that good will should be shared is within yourself.

The most consistent thing  that I can share with you is there is only one person that knows you the best… you guessed, it’s you!

So begin to take the time to take your feelings into consideration with each and everything you are about to do.

I teach that when a thought comes floating through your mind, it is your internal way of getting you to look at scenarios that are going to be affecting your choices in the near future.

Yes, that is right, do not ignore the thoughts but, take the time to feel them – good or bad. Work through why you are having them in the first place. Please learn that if they are floating through your mind then your Internal Being is trying to get you to prepare for an event that could be in the future.

When you start addressing these thoughts, whether you think they are fanciful or not, you are not only learning to listen to that soft internal voice, but you are letting go of emotions that are hurting your chances of being that person who is truly standing in a positive, spontaneous life.

When you begin this process of course, like all things, it is going to take practice to stand in the Universal truths… not just your truth. I suggest you use someone that has an unbiased personality so that your sounding board can simply be that. A sounding board… so you can hear what you have been telling yourself about these thoughts as clearly as possible.

Take those thoughts and, as you would use any pro/con list, decide what are the pros of holding the thoughts and the cons of holding the thoughts. Then walk yourself through adopting the thoughts that are going to make you happy. ( without expecting or using someone else to accomplish the new thought process)

Come talk to me, or write I would love to converse with you even if you do not agree…

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