Only allow your glorious heart to rule you

glorious heart to ruleAs you walk through your day, are you aware of the questions that you have about the why’s in which your life is going? It has become apparent to me that people in general only take quiet time to begin to look at their lives, they do not become focused enough to see that while they are having conversations, or driving in the car, or waiting for an appointment, that they have the alone time with their thoughts.

The best time to really see how your thoughts and opinions are holding you hostage is by watching how your thoughts respond to the people around you as you are driving or waiting in line or for an appointment. This is the very best time to catch yourself in the truth about your random thoughts. Are you a nice person on the outside when you are in control of yourself? Or are you a nice person through and through?

So many times I have heard “But I am nice people say so”, yet why then is the physical world only showing you that ick keeps coming your way? Always remember, with the empathy and love you show a small child or a wounded animal, that your thoughts come from your heart to prepare you for the needs you are asking for. This happens so you can prepare yourself for what is needed in the changes that will then allow your needs to present themselves in your life.

So if the physical world is showing you that there is a lot of ick then you must clean up those thoughts and emotions that are zeroing out your true needs. Another thing that I see so often is that you are asking for a need that has to have you change to really receive yet you always want the other person or persons to change so you can have your desired need. Well Sweet one, that is not going to happen. The Universe only responds for you through your vibrational rate. So if change comes then you must begin to understand the change is what will bring to you your need.

It is for you to understand that you should not look at someone else and say they are your need. In the scheme of vibration another god being is not your need. What is your need is how you feel about the subject, not the person. I know this is very tricky when you are talking about loving someone but in reality it is love that you desire and you must allow the Universe, which is the master of matching vibrational rates to the god being who is of like vibration, instead of using your eyes and saying but that is the person I want to love. That is why there is such a high divorce rate in the world because people are not willing to say “No, this is not a match. There are too many things that make me unhappy with this person or scenario”. You must begin to stand up for yourself and your needs. You should only allow your glorious heart to rule you not the thoughts of what the world says is….





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