One Simple Choice

Life-is-about-creating-yourself-150x150What do choices, stories, truth, love, and life have to do with really changing the course of our own history?

These are questions that are asked of me when I have someone new come and begin to work with me about changing their lives.

I spend a lot of time with them in the beginning listening to what their life has been like, how they look at the world around them, and how they feel their life has treated them. When we first begin to talk about self-accountability and self-responsibility, they claim that is exactly how they live their lives, with accountability and responsibility.

This is when we begin the real work, as we break down each and every choice they have made that was counter to those life experiences that they were saying they desired. This is the spot it gets tricky for them and will be for you as well. If you say it will not, I shall walk with you anyway. The hardest part of any change is when you realize you had no clue what you were doing… even though you proclaimed very loudly that you did.

It is right at this spot you need all the deep and caring love you can muster for self. It is here you will be inclined to turn your back and say, “No, this is not me.”

This is where I show you how deeply you must love yourself, even though, for so very long, you have been the one who has let yourself down. The betrayal feeling is very intense. You most likely will want to deflect and begin telling a story about how it was the circumstances in which you were brought up, ort was the type of parents you had, about how you came from a family who did not care enough.

There are so many reasons that we can give ourselves for our betrayal. Please try to remember at this point to love yourself and those very emotions that have made you so miserable for so very long. It is our choices ( vibrations ) that we continue to make that will be the key to truly changing things.

So many of our choices are reactionary, and over time we do not even see where our original choice was made simply to make do with what we had instead of standing in the truth of what we truly desired. So today we are tempted to continue making the easy choice of maintaining the very vibration that has you sitting in these emotions from the past.

It is a slow step to begin to turn around your concepts and ideals. But taking the step will allow you to take charge of why you made the choice that lead you down the path you took, which brought you to the life experience that you find yourself in right now today.

So we shall take this one step at a time. Let’s begin the walk back to that first step and then show you how, by just making the first choice of change for yourself, you can change the way your feel for the rest of your life. You will learn how one simple choice can ripple it’s way through your old stories and set you free.

This will also show you how that one simple choice, way back when, was the cornerstone for the feelings and emotions that you are supporting and having again and again today. The secret of letting go is to stand in the pain and discomfort. If you are asking questions with the point of coming to the truth of when you laid your power down to take the easy way, then you will see how effortlessly you will let go of all those old choices. You will catch it when you are about to continue an old pattern and at that moment you will choose to feel something different.

You will now understand how easily you can make a new kind of choice, one which will ripple through all those old choices and then you shall begin to see real change in your life. It will feel lighter and happier. You will smile a secret smile just because you feel so good each and every moment of your day. The hard choices will no longer be hard because you will know that it is one small step for standing in the Divine Love of Self that makes you happy

have a wonderful day my friends

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