Once we find out what to do!

I was so excited as I began to see that I could re-write a story in my life. So what does this mean to me? This means that I go to the core of who I am. Then I look at what I have said about the things that have happened to me. I take a very personal attitude about this. We can claim……

That our stories are very sad, and we made  the life experience itself probably feel very sad. Yet, and this is the hardest part, did it affect us within our core. It is at this point that I have learned to love myself in a different way.

I do not wish to make light of our earth experiences. It is these very experiences that add to the very core that makes us strong .

Yet, in the telling of these stories over time, we need to  look at the growth we have made in our internal understandings about ourselves.

Of course that is not what generally happens though. We take these experiences and make them a personal affront about the experience so to speak, but emotionally we never grow past that experience. Our bodies age and in some cases our emotional body grows too around the stories in a way that we can go out in the world, work place, social places; Yet, that story creeps up on us and affects us in our personal space.

It is when we find out that things only seem to go o.k..  How many of us struggle with an emotional lack of confidence?

We have become so dependent on the outside world’s feedback that we do not have a very clear understanding of what it feels like to go within our core self and find out whether our stories need to effect us negatively or whether we should  simply be looking at them as a great experience we do not want to repeat.

As we start looking at all life experiences as simply choices that we have made, then we can look at them with only ourselves in mind and ask ourselves “would we want to have this experience and the feelings and or emotions again”? That is the real secret.  It seems a very simple approach.

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