Once Upon a Soul

babiesinheavenIn the beginning, there was a group of souls that were really bored. They were so bored they came up with an idea, an idea that would allow any other soul that desired to have a different experience than what was happening in their vibrational plane. These souls came together and began an experiment.

They felt that it would be a wonderful experience to pretend that they were not of the heavens where they had the power to know who and what they were. They began the experiment as any scientist. They began building vehicles that would allow them to play more fully in the world that they were creating so that in their pretending they could feel.

They had many prototypes but finally got one down that allowed them to use five senses to make their experience ‘real’ on their new world. It was exciting and wonderful and they found they could get utterly lost and play as though they were not what they truly were.

What they did not expect in their game, in the experiment itself as they stayed longer here on Earth, is that they would create a dross mass and a history; in that history, as each new being came to the earth plane they were changed as they came through the birth canal of the host mother.

It did not matter what plan (their mathematical equation) they had set up in their war room prior to their arrival, depending on the purity of heart of the host mother, the child was already at a loss. Then to have that ‘new’ being raised in an environment where the host parents… instead of being the Guardians that they had intended on being…  got lost in influences that led them astray so the new physical body took on vibrations not of the original ideas or concepts of self, of what that ‘new’ baby had intended on learning this time on the earth.

You have been here many times now because you desire to get it right.

You are intending on being 100% your original state as you were the first time your soul came and played on this earth. This walk this time is to get that as a part of your memory in your soul history. I know because that is the truth for each and everyone of us that is here on this glorious planet this time. We all decided to walk into the 4th Golden age together.

In so doing we all have to begin to tell ourselves the truth of our walk here. We have tried to get the masses to hear the truth in the last three golden ages and we had so much fun for thousands of years each time.

Yet there are Beings that do not seem happy with all of us having the same wonderful experiences. And once again, through mass media, the Beings have been lied to in a way that left them willing to give up their power and truth and knowings that this sojourn is supposed to be all about the feeling of joy in a way that is not expressed in the 5th dimension.

Are you going to be a follower? Or are you going to lead yourself right out of your story and back into the truth that all is yours and has always been yours…

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