On the true path of Self

be_yourselfOne of the things that I have always asked my students and clients to do is to journal each day. I share that by doing this you will begin to see how your free thoughts show you how you randomly think about the world and people around you. This is very important when you need to start finding where your learned behaviors are sabotaging your everyday life and the creations that your heart is feeling.

You can begin to see how what your heart says you’re needing for your life experience and what your random thoughts are about contradict one another, rendering null and void any and all of the most important needs that you have.

When you have a pull to do something or that inner knowing that you life should be a certain way, that is because your heart is connected to your soul contracts that you set up before you were born here on this wonderful planet. Yet because of your social environment, you have learned behaviors from the choices you could not make for yourself and only yourself, whether it was through manipulation from others or simply because you were afraid to stand up for yourself, the hows are not what is important to find the words that are getting in the way of you experiencing the life your heart feels should be yours.

Again I will start out by sharing this is not about you looking outward to see who has gotten in your way but to look at why you have thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and ideals that are in direct conflict with your soul needs. This is not hopeless, there is not one relationship of self that has been lost. Once you begin to see that you have the power and the choices to change your world you can begin the walk back to the original thoughts that will bring to you your freedom and choices to be totally in charge of your very own life.

Once you begin to feel the feeling of freedom of choice you will begin to see how not to struggle against the parameters you find yourself existing in. You have set the parameter that you live in so that you can find your way back to the soul contracts that you originally set up. Remember this is and has always been about you so give yourself a break, the biggest break of your life by simply feeling the love and empathy of your divine soul. By doing this you will allow those thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and ideals to come to the surface through your journaling that have truly been in the way of your greatest desires.

When you allow yourself to take that first choice that seems to be the easiest because you can not stand up for yourself, it is then and there you made the choice to put everyone else ahead of you. You must find when you decided to put in the learned behavior that you thought was going to protect you in that moment. You have only built upon that first time until now.

Have fun. Once you begin to unravel this for yourself you will be on the true path of Self.





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