O.k.,does it really work?

As I was talking in my last blog, I was beginning to discuss how easy it is for someone else to hear where our beliefs are sitting. That is how we started going outside of our selves for our answers. We would have a person listen to our thoughts and they would simply direct us in a way to absolve the  thinking that did not work for us any longer. At  some time past, someone began to use it as an easy way to begin having large groups of people  be swayed into a thinking other than we are each directed from within our selves. It became a “sin”.

Whenever we would try to think for our selves someone with more wisdom (hehehhhhee) would tell us, with some force I might add, that was a sin. All of a sudden “sin” seemed to be popping up just for the slightest things.

The funniest thing is the masses really fell for the whole sin thing. Today, though, where would we be without the notion of sin? Please give this some serious thought. Where and what would your life be, if there was no sin thing  to contend with?

Really contemplate what this would mean to you, and all those around you?

Of course, each one of us then has to begin to learn how to see the contrast from the people around us, instead of seeing it as criticism. We must then begin to ask if we are learning to be in charge of our own life.

If I am filling my own needs then I am asking for every thing that is coming to me.

I do mean everything.

We look at this as good and bad. I would like to suggest that we look at it in a different light. Which I will begin to talk about in my next post.

Consider this – Even that old adage, “listen to your elders”, which is that generational thing that got our Guardians to become parents, serves as one of those ‘wisdoms’ that keep us apart from our own inner wisdom. Are you beginning to see how this is a circle once again. Away from the Universal truth. Which is exactly what was intended by those with  ohhh so much wisdom of the past.

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