Not feeling at ease with your choice?

DoubtWhen you begin to see that you are talking but nothing is happening to make changes in your life expression, it is up to you to begin a process to find out why you have the opinions and beliefs that support the very lifestyle that you no longer desire.

You are making things in your life matter that should not. You are letting other’s around you with their opinions and desires dictate to you how you should act within their life to make them happy and for some reason you are saying that their happiness is more important than yours. Take some time feel the words that have been written here.

“Matter” is when you put your energy into a concept or an idea that is not making you feel the happiness and joy that is your birthright. Yes, you read these words correctly. It is yours and each and every persons right, no matter how young or old we are, to have joy and happiness in our lives. Yes it is possible!

Do you have the courage to make the changes that will allow the natural state of our Universe to reside within your every day expression? Matter is you allowing the very expressions to be a part of your world. When you say you can’t make a change because ( fill in the blank) you are making the reason you have just stated to become a weight that you feel that prevents you from simply making a choice to be happy.

Yes this world has made you feel like you can not make the changes that you need to become totally happy. This is where you have to begin to teach yourself to walk away from the concepts and ideals of others. This is where you say it is hard and you can not. Yet you can, and once you realize how to communicate with yourself so that you do not make anything in the outside world “Matter” more than you yourself, you will begin to see that any and all choices that you make from your internal love of self will not have the retribution that you believe it will.

You see, you are the only one that makes you feel retribution of any kind. If words are spoken to you from another person that make you feel bad about your choices, it is simply because you have not taken the true time to put on the scale the choices you have made up to this point and how they made you feel.

So let’s say that when you make choices just for you and you feel your friends, family, or co-workers won’t understand, it is because you are not feeling at ease with your choice. You simply have not stood up for you strongly enough to recognize that if you took you out of the equation what would you have? Did you just feel what I just wrote? Those people would still live, they would still make life choices and they would still have the same choices as you have right now, whether to allow happiness in their expression or not.




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