No one can argue with someones simple truth

There is no greater conflict than the one between your intellect and your dreams. This is where you set aside what you know to be true for your internal well being. Why would anyone walk away from their true source of peace and happiness? Yet, you did and you are doing so each and every time you choose counter to your internal self and knowing.

Yes, you call it your life today and you are simply choosing the easiest course because of all the people in your life, whether they be your family, friends or work partners. Even in your play… how often do you choose because of someone else’s choices and ideas of having fun?

Then there of course is the dilemma of: it has been so long and your struggle of being heard lead you to be misinterpreted by others so they see you as something you are not. How are you going to change that without being in conflict to stand your ground?

Well you can begin the change but, it has to be inside of you first and foremost. You have to have come to a place where you are not going to let yourself make choices because of someone or something outside of yourself!

You have heard of this quiet little voice inside, right? Well it is only quiet because you have not been listening for a very long time. The more you follow that inner knowing about yourself, the louder and louder that voice gets and soon it will be the first voice you hear in the morning and the last one just before you go to sleep. It will let you know when you are about to walk away from who you really are.

So, if you are serious, then as I wrote earlier… take the time and find out where you are settling with you dreams. Let them be the course of your life. It will be matched daily with wonder and gifts to show you it is the only way to live your life.

One mistake that you could make is trying to get others to see why you are making changes in your life. Simply stand in the truth that you are and there will not be as much difficulty as you would think. No one can argue with someones simple truth. It is when you try to get someone to hear you or agree with you that you are no longer standing in your truth.

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