New exuberance, is it killing those around us?

I would like to talk about this today. I am a person who is in great joy when new understandings of myself surface. I love it when I meet new people of the same mind-set. When I have an opportunity to share the internal joy of growing and sharing. Sometimes, as a dear friend has reminded me, those who I am playing with may not have the ability to tell me the truth of how my exuberance is putting pressures on them that they cannot stand up to.

Wow, that would be enough to burst anyones bubble. Does this send us whirling off into the Universe?

Well, when we have contemplation on this we can go many ways. can we not? As I look at this question, my thoughts first lead me to ‘ouch, I have lost a favorite play thing. Or my best friend has moved to another state. Which leaves me by myself.’

Yet, as we try to walk in this experience as an uplifting tool, we tend to brush it under the rug so to speak, because as a Spiritual Being we are to be learning to fill our own needs and not rely on others to fill them for us. It would seem either way we are going to have sadness fill us for a while.

As we are flying high in this new-found feeling, are we to take stock of those around us? What if others are in denial that a change was necessary, so that as we are flying, those around us cannot maintain their energy levels.When do we pull back ? Do we pull back? Do we keep are own agenda first and foremost? Do we man the staff, so of speak, and maintain full speed ahead?

Or, as fellow beings, do we recognize that to continue with no insight of others can be detrimental to ourselves, as well as others around us?

I believe that to continue with no regard of others would be okay if we realize we then will be playing by ourselves. Is it not the accountability of those others to also recognize they also get to make choices? When one energy changes does another not fill its place?

Please contemplate these ideas. I think this is a place where many of us find ourselves from time to time. I would love to have your feedback. Have just the most wonderful day.

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