My continued Journey to find Passion

When I began reading and read about passion, I wondered at the word passion being used. So I started listening to see when and where it was being used. I read it in books of poetry and books of philosophy. I have heard it used in self help books or by training session to improve your productivity in what ever field you are trying to better yourself at.

Yet I do not hear it used in those every day conversations. The ones that we have with each other. We do not talk of the passion we have for our jobs, or children, or even, our spouses, significant others in our lives. I do not even hear many speaking about the passion they feel for their spiritual growth. It does not matter even in how we are going about that spiritual growth. The word passion is not used.So, why do we not express passion? Is it so far from our every day thoughts? Then it is no wonder that passion hasĀ  gotten so far from our thoughts that we even give it time at all to bring it into our every day lives.

I know I have heard from my students that in this day and time there just is not time to take the time out to even think about what passion is.

I say, we must make the time to learn how to contemplate in our every day world amongst the confusion and chaos.

It is not about going out of our way or taking long moments out of our worlds. It is the only way we will have any hope of changing the way our lives are going.

Passion is not about walking away from our daily lives. It is about having the passion for our every day lives. It is the wonderment of standing in the middle of our hectic lives and being in the wonderment that this is exactly where I want to be at this very moment.

For it is my belief that we are the only one in charge of exactly where we are at in our life!

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