Making Dreams Come True

I am using the term Creation, you might call it your Dreams, some may call it just a different lifestyle than they are living now. It does not really matter what words we use to describe the things we desire but do not have. What does matter is to see how the thoughts that you have about the things in life are the very barriers that are in the way of any change that you really desire to have.

How is that you ask? The first thing that I recommend is that you begin to journal, whether it is on your computer or a written journal does not matter it is the ability to see where your thoughts take you that matters. I suggest that you have a question of the day or questions, that you think about before you start your writing for the day.

That will give you a place to start your thoughts so as you write you actually feel like you can write. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at a blank screen or paper and holding your fingers over a keyboard or that favorite pen above the page and feel like you have nothing to say.

Yet when one has a question that they would like answered they have plenty to say. I also suggest that you write in the beginning knowing that no matter what you say you will not be in any way criticized for what you write . That will stop you from letting your thoughts flow. I say this because the only way you are going to see and feel how your thoughts are when they are private and all yours is to allow yourself the grace to just write exactly how you feel.

Then the tricky part comes, after you have done your journaling for awhile it is time to go back and read your words. You may find they are very disjointed and you can not for the life of you make heads or tails out of them. You may find that you have a lot of judgments about all those things around you that you say you do not control.

At first this can be very sad for you . This is where you need to add love and empathy for yourself .  You also have to be honest with yourself because of the way your thoughts go is exactly the way the life you are experiencing goes. Can you hear the words I just wrote?

I can help you change your life to where you will always be in charge of everything that happens to you . The part that you must be able to do is to truly take accountability for all those thoughts of yours that create the life you do not desire to have. As well as find the ones that created your life story from day one .

It is truly those thoughts that separate anyone of us from the other. That is what keeps your creations from coming to you all the time, it is truly your internal thoughts that keep you unhappy and sad. As well as the parts of your life that bring you joy. Though generally speaking those of you that are not happy with one part of your life are truly not happy with all of your life.

It is truly up to you to begin the progress of looking at and changing those wonderful thoughts that are preventing you from your full potential.  


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