Make Your Heart Sing!

makes your heart singWhen you are learning to value yourself you must remember that the most important part of any relationship is love and you must take the accountability that it is your responsibility to make the choices that support the love that you should have for yourself.

How many times have you, when you are with your own thoughts, simply wished to be loved for all of who you are? To be understood, and supported, for the wonderful person you are and with each step you take to become even more wonderful each and every day.

Well my Sweet one, it is your choices and how they are interacting with your life decision, that show you the most wonderful love story of all, the one that makes your heart soar into the heavens. The one love that supports you with each and every dream you have. When you almost want to give up and then you are wrapped into the sweetest love of all.

It is all from the internal you… and you are the only one that can make the choices that make your heart sing. It maybe hard for those around you when you begin to make choices from only the depths of your heart when they may not be included in the choices you feel you have to make.

This is the time that it can get diciest because you, as well as most of the population, have never really put your heart first. We have been programmed to believe that to do unto others is where the honor of our lives should be. Yet if you look at the golden rule it says do unto others only as you would do unto yourself.

Isn’t it funny though that part is not pushed to the front of the learning. Because the truth is Dear one, If you have not supported your own dreams, your own desires, you will not fully be able to support someone else’s dreams and desires. You will not be able to understand fully what it takes to be able to make the choices from the very internal piece of your heart for you and only you .

So do you begin to see how to forget yourself or ‘to do unto others first’ is really the very way to lose site of the deepest form of love there is on this plane? Because it takes deep understanding to allow someone else to walk their walk into the understanding of total love for the most important person in their life. Themselves!





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