Make a Choice and Watch for Feedback

When you know what is the very best thing for you to do, yet you feel guilty for living your life the way that is the very best, what do you do? I know this is speaking to you. It is a place where each of has to get.

When you begin to look at your choices and you look at why you are making your choices the way you do, you come to a place where you know you have to start making choices just for yourself. You have to if you truly desire to have change in your life.

Which brings us to the first question: Why do you feel guilty when you make a choice that is the very best for you?! You must take baby steps here, you must start making choices just for you and then see what kind of feedback are you getting.

The feedback tells you several things. First, it tells you how strong you are in doing something just for yourself. Second, it shows you how to begin to stand up for the fact, and I do mean fact, that you have the right, the birthright, to make choices and follow them through just because you exist. That is correct. Just because you are alive you have the birthright! You must learn to stand up for that fact. Third, it tells you, and I am speaking of your feedback here, how much of which kind of energy you must put in to receive a perfect physical experience.

All things are lessons – no more no less – so you  must have physical feedback to help you gauge how much and what kind of energy you have to put in the next time so you can have the experience you desire. I will go into more detail about energies in another blog post. Here I will just speak about feeling guilty for making a choice just for you.

A question that may help as you contemplate is:

When was the last time I put myself and only myself into any equation before I made a choice?

Now, I am not saying to control another person or actions of others. The only reason anyone chooses trying to control another is simply because they have never put themselves into the choice factoring place.

Your life becomes so much simpler when you choose to have experiences simply to feel good… not to have a certain person, place or thing to happen. It must be just for you and you do not care who the other participants are. That is correct – it is about the simple pleasure of having an experience for the simple pleasure of joy.

Call me. It does not matter whether you agree with me. Let’s talk, leave a comment. Lets have the simple joy of expressing to one another.

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