Magnetic Loops

infinityloopToday let’s talk about how it takes work and discipline when you have been riding a high of your concepts and ideas working and working well for the first time in your life. You feel like you have it. You understand the new way of feeling and thinking, you are making changes in your life and then all of a sudden… things begin to not come out like you felt they should. More and more it seems you have things happening for you but oops, not all the way… or almost but, yet, ohh no… there it goes… slips out of your fingers.

Yes, this is going to happen. Why, you ask me, does it have to happen? I have spoken before about how we have these magnetic loops. There is a vibratory rate at which these magnetic loops move through your life expressions and if you are not constantly journaling and taking the time to address how those old concepts, ideas, beliefs, are interplaying within your everyday experience, you can get lulled into thinking that because you feel happy, you are making all the necessary changes to continue on this new happy life.

Too often though, we get so lulled by being happy that we do not see that we have not taken any steps to make a true change in our life. Yes, it is this that catches up to us and yes, it is in not keeping track and continually watching for those pieces in us that need to be evaluated and  changed and let go of that is the biggest culprit in getting in our way of true and lasting change.  So how can you be happy and yet not have true change?

This question is asked by me personally each and every day so that I can always stay on top of those hidden emotions that want to poke their heads up at the most inappropriate moment… Which is just when you really desire to have a certain outcome.

So really what I am saying here is do your best to understand that sometimes we mix up being free of anxiousness with being happy, yet look around… are your physical surroundings supporting that you have made the changes and you are now living in a way that supports what your thoughts and ideas are about?

For instance… are you living in a home of your liking? Do you have the job that makes you feel good about yourself? Are you supporting your body, your mind, and your internal spirit in the way that truly is feeding your internal and external growth? If you can not say yes to these three questions then know that you have simply begun the process of change. Now it is time to look at what has stalled you out.

Why is living with half truths good enough for you? That is a tough question for you and so be as loving and as caring as you would a small baby. Do not get angry with yourself, just look at this and say to yourself today I begin again today I shall take one step to continue to make the changes needed for true happiness and wholeness in your life.

Today, my friends, is the beginning of the step that will bring more truth and love into your life.

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