Loving Yourself Above All Else

hug yourself 2What do you think it means when you read words like loving yourself above all else? When you take the time to journal and contemplate in divine love do you think that your contemplation’s are going to take you to a place where you have to give up all your earthly pleasures?

You hear on a daily basis two concepts, how you should stand up just for you and then right after that if you do not help others and do till it hurts you are an unworthy person. Is there any wonder that you are having so much trouble in making decisions for yourself and then standing up for them? How often does the other person in your life beg you to make a choice that includes them? A heartfelt plea, yet when you try to stand in the truth just for you do they then support you in your change? Or do they condemn you and say things that they know hit your weak points? How often do you rethink yourself right into a stand still? How many days, months, and sometimes years, go by when you do for someone else and do you then find yourself in the very same place of unhappiness and discontent with yourself?

When you already know this is going to happen and you begin to make the change in your world and then stop yourself, are you questioning yourself with all the facts on the table? One of the questions you need to really look at when looking at why you find yourself in this uncertainty again and again, is what is the scariest thing about making the changes for you? Most of us say it is the financial thing that holds us back.

What I say to that is, then you need to start focusing on the things that you need to make the change. The Universe can supply your needs. Yet, if you do not focus on the truth that you have a need and what that need is, you will always expect that you can not do what it takes to make changes just for you. The Universe only feels, it does not discern your thought processes, so you can reason yourself to death; the Universe comes in and only fills the feelings you are sitting in the most. So if you are sitting in “I can not…” guess what your next physical expression is? Yes, you get another day of ‘Can Not’. One of the most important lessons you can gain is understanding whatever you are sitting in today is what you are going to have more of tomorrow. That is a guarantee.

This is the best way for you to look back and put the truth on the scale for yourself. This is why you can go so many days, months, and years, with the same lifestyle and experiences. If you do not make the physical changes you will never experience anything other than what you are right now. Why? Because the Universe only matches by feelings and you can not pretend your internal feelings. If you are sad and do not make any changes in trying to be happy today, tomorrow you will have more sad. If you get more sad on top of that sad,  you are re-creating more unhappy for the next day.

So, if the people, the circumstances, in your life are not changed by you, please understand the Universe cannot make a change for you. It only creates for you the very feelings you are having today for tomorrow. So look closely at your life, are you sort of happy? Find the parts that are creating the unhappy and get them out of your life. You can take one thing out at a time or all at once, it really, in the scheme of things, is only determined by you and how long you desire the Universe to create unpleasantness in your life.




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