Love yourself until it spills over

cup runneth overI would like to share with you how you learn to evaluate before a scenario plays out in your world. And then how to walk through the experience and then once you’ve walked through the experience to once again evaluate how you did. What emotions came up for you? What choices would you make again? What choices would you drop from your mind?.

It is the most valuable lesson I teach. How to evaluate before you walk into a life experience. When I talk about being open and honest, brutishly honest with yourself, I am talking about looking at the scenario you are about to walk into. You have to establish what your need is about this something you have been asked to participate in. To always maintain your balance within yourself, you must always ask the question, “Is this going to make me happy?”

Now this is where the brutishly honest part comes in. Let’s say it is a holiday and in the past you are the one that has done all the main preparations for the holiday and you are going to have your friends and family attend.

You love the part of planning the meal and how you are going to present the meal, how your home smells and the fun of cooking as you put together all the perfect ingredients. Then people start to arrive – you love that part as well, or do you? How do you interact with your friends and family? Are there people who you invite just because? Okay, so now you are in the kitchen, it is hot and things need to get done and the help you thought you were going to get you don’t. How do you feel now? Okay, now the food is prepared and served… there is clean up… do you have help? Is there laughter and joy in the clean up? Now you gotten through all the food part, your family and friends are full and now… are they in the same spirit of joy and celebrating as you? Move fast forward, people are leaving . Are you exhausted? Are you in the sweet joy of the celebration? This is what I mean about being brutishly honest with yourself. How do you feel about each level of the scenario?

It is learning to question each step you decide to take. Have a conversation with yourself. Then look at the things you do not like, ask yourself questions about those things, in what way can you make changes in those things? If all those changes can be made and you can still come out feeling exhausted and unhappy then you must change the choice you have made. This is where, when you evaluate before the event, and then after the event, you already know how you feel about the choice you are going to make the next time you are asked to make a similar choice about your life. This is the very way you learn about the deepest part of you as well as how to make a choice just for you .

You do not look selfish to those outside of you. People will begin to ask you why you are so happy. What is your secret? You will very lovingly tell them, I learned how to simply fill my own needs first. When your cup of life runneth over with love it is that spill over that everyone around you feels. Never will they feel less than if you learn to love yourself and only fill your very own needs first.





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