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How do you be true to yourself when you are in a new / old relationship? This is a question that some of my students have been asking me of late. How many of you are really the “Runaway Bride”? Or Groom?

When we are really beginning to realize that life is for us to enjoy and just have fun enjoying it, we draw to us people of like energy. We have a tendency of looking at the other person and saying that it is them that have made the light shine in our life. You, of course, can stand in the joy that you have wonderful people in your life and that you have come to a place where you are really happy, yet the one thing one must remember is to keep your eyes open with love. I mean with love for yourself.

Let me write a picture for you – You have two parallel lines and they are next to one another. Put numbers from one to ten on your lines 10 being at the top, 1 being at the bottom.

You are one of the lines and you are learning how to walk in joy of your life… To recognize how to make choices, that each step you take is a life lesson to learn to direct your energy in a way that simply allows you to feel happiness and have a stress free life. So you are moving up that scale of your line.

Now, you begin to meet people, maybe that special someone. Where is that someone on their scale? You are in similar energy or you would not have been drawn together. Yet this is where we begin to lose ourselves. Yes, right here. You must watch and have vigilance for your spiritual walk.

This is the time where you will be the weakest, you are feeling so good with what you are learning and wonderful things are beginning to happen. That of course will draw many more wonderful things. Yes, it does, including people who are vibrationally the same for a moment. Now this is the place you must stand because you want to always have people in your life that vibrate in the energy of learning about self.

You can have happy and healthy relationships as long as you are using each other in what I call it a leap frog effect. That is when you are talking with one another and sharing what you are learning while you are journaling, in your contemplation, and just watching how your are feeling in life. You will see the other person will begin doing the same thing so as each of you are learning about yourself during the conversation you will be helping one another gain insights and tools to get past something that you may be struggling in as you are walking .

If there is struggle, if you are changing the way you are doing things to compliment the other person, then you are already becoming the “Runaway Partner”. Anytime you change something, and it was not just for you, if it makes you see that you should have done it differently, you may be interacting, with a person that is going down the scale… not matching you in a leapfrog effect going upward in a spiral direction.

Give that some thought. I would love to hear your comments.
Delrae J Bantz

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