Lose the attachment to your stories

tell-your-story-once-upon-a-timeWhen you begin to learn to evaluate the up coming event and how you desire to be active or non active in your role, how do you begin the process to make the choices that benefit you and only you?

Do you look at all the players? Do you look at where you are going to be going? Do you look at the length of time that you are going to be in this role? Do you look at the finances that it is going to take to be in the role?

How do you get yourself to tell yourself the very deep truths about whether you desire to even be a part of the event? These questions I asked you are just surface questions. They really have nothing to do with whether or not you have a true need to be there. They do not touch the parts of you that you have hidden away from yourself. Now mind you most people around you do know these things about you. They do because even though they know your stories they are not attached to them as you are.

The questions that you need to begin to ask yourself are questions like, “If I participate will I be supporting the new and budding me or will I be playing in a scenario where I find that no one around me lets me be the new me?”

What do I mean by my last question?

I mean, have you not found yourself responding in ways that you do not feel good about? When you find yourself in those kinds of emotional spaces Stop… look carefully, not at what the other person did to make you upset, look at what choices you made to be participating with people who do not match your vibration. It is only through looking at the choices you are making, and why you are making them, that you will then begin to see that all the time you have had opportunities to make different choices.

It is only through not blaming or expecting the other god-being to make the changes for you to be happy that you will begin to see that you have the power and always had the power to make the changes in your life you always wanted to make. You will begin to see that you gave yourself very valid reasons for the WHY you were making your choice.

How often though, did you make the choice that felt totally correct for just you alone? That is the crux of the matter. You have been making choices for other people, telling yourself things like, “But I love them.” or “No, it is okay because that is just they way they are.” or “I feel bad because they don’t have anyone else in their lives.”

Okay this is what I will say to those responses. When you do something for the people you love and they do not appreciate the beautifulness of who you are, how does that make you feel? Do you feel love back? Do you feel that the time and energy that you gave was given back in like energy? Do you feel that those same people truly care that it is you that is there? Do they talk to you about how no one ever does anything with them, even though you are right there in front of them?

Think about this question please. When you look at the steps that you have had to take to learn your wonderful lessons about how to stand in you, how would you feel if someone using the rationale, “Because I love them” was the very reason you did not get the answers you were looking for?





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