Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

looking-for-loveI have been spending a lot of time working with people to show them that if they simply fill the needs that are in their hearts, that the feeling that they carry within themselves is the gift that they will share with others in their lives.

This concept seems beyond what we can mentally carry and comprehend. Why do I say this? For myself I felt that if I nurtured and loved the people in my life I would be loved and nurtured back. I felt that if I gave of my time freely without question that would be given back.

I learned two very important lessons from this walk of selfless giving — First: that is not a guarantee, that those in your family are going to love you back. And second, I spent so much time trying to make them love me that when love was given to me, I did not recognize the truth of what the real lesson was. That it would not come from whence I sent it to.

How many of us do this very thing? We put expectations on our family members, friends and acquaintances as if because they know you they should… Well, is this not the very thing that gets us into guilt and obligation? Do we not hate it when those things are placed in front of us?

There are many of us, sad as this sounds, that did not grow up with an internal family structure of a loving kind family, yet for some reason we spend our lives trying to have those family members show us something that we need, even though it’s been shown to us that they can not provide it.

This is the biggest lesson I have learned so far, that is never expect love from outside of you. When you learn this lesson, the lesson of filling your own needs first will be so much easier. You will find that when you begin to fill your needs, just your needs, that your heart begins to swell with a deep source of love, it fills your body, your mind, it let’s that Divine Essence from the 5th dimension fill your body and you can not help feeling like soaring in each and every moment of your life.

You have this smile on your face and you just can not help but be happy. Everyone… strangers, friends, neighbors, your family members… all get to feel the sweetness of your happy smile. That is what is meant by sharing your love, but not before you have it for yourself.

The only way this can become a reality in your life is when you begin to see that to fill your own needs first is the paramount key. Do not tell yourself you can not do this. Do not use excuses, I am married, I have children, I have a sick parent or sibling. I have had all those very same things in my life. It is not until you see that the love has to flow from the core of you first, that you realize only then do you truly have love to give. Otherwise you are not sharing love, you are draining those around you, you are begging for them to do for you what…

You must learn to do for you! For without you in your life… what is there?

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