Looking at triggers

triggeredI am sure when you are thinking about talking to someone that you dearly love and yet you are having some issue or another it seems like it is the worst possible thing to talk about something that is triggering you.

The first thing you want to remember is the trigger is there for you and only you. As you begin the evaluation process even though you have that most loved person that you feel is the one doing the something, it is right here that you have to pull up your bootstraps and look at the scenario from a different perspective.

The first step is to look at whether or not you’ve had this issue before. Let the answer come to you. This first answer will be the sarcastic way you talk to yourself. So you will have to ask a second question off that first answer and even maybe a third question off the second question. The reason I am sharing this is because you are going to get more information about the trigger and where your undercurrent began. An undercurrent is really the story that starts when you forced yourself to cross a boundary that made you feel bad. Because the choice you made then still holds weight, because at the time you did not have a Guardian to walk you through the fact that you personally made a choice. In making that choice and then letting your little mind write a story about it you carry with you today an ideal about yourself that is totally counter to the adult you have become.

That is why you will have what is called blocks that you do not understand. Your adult heart has these needs and desires and your small person heart still feels the hurt that you felt when you had to make the choice that felt safe but not the best for you personally. So now it is your job to be the Guardian. You must look at the picture that comes to you from your questions. Do not get lost in the hurt that will come up with your questions. The hurt is because you made a safe choice and not the best choice for yourself. The hurt was there at the time to trigger you then to not take the easy way out.

When I talk about the easy way out I am not saying that you have to walk into fire, well okay maybe I am, because walking into the truth and telling your true inner feelings for the first time feels like you are doing the hardest thing ever. Yet you have now walked way past the hurt you are looking at that is causing the undercurrent. This weight of the undercurrent has colored each day with a secret so you have not been able to walk tall and strong and whole since that first hurt. You will be so surprised if you learn to share the most inner truth about your need. You do not have to be loud, you do not have to be angry to share the truth about you. You will find that when you stand in love for your need you can only find love for the words you use to have your need be experienced in your life.





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