Look where the wisdom of the experience is…

What good does it do you to blame someone else? If you continue to blame someone else  how do you take your power and grow from the experience? Or are you totally happy with the state of your life?

Even those who study for a lifetime must remind themselves again and again when they are evaluating one of their life experiences to look where the wisdom of the experience is and not where the wrong was done from someone else. What does it mean to be wronged? What does it mean to do something wrong?

Oh, I am sure all of you feel you can answer that. Yet do you really know what it means to make a wrong choice? Or a wrong decisions? Do you know that there is no such thing? When you can bring yourself to have that be your life motto you are on your way to being whole and complete in each and everything you are about to do.

The hardest mindset that there is to break is the one that says we should do for the other person first. When you talk to people it’s clear they want to do for self, but they always tell me they do not want to make a choice that could hurt someone else. Yet if you look closely at the scenario, you are being hurt by the actions that the other person is doing. So then why are you bothered by the risk of hurting the other person?

When you describe the uncomfortable experience do you then qualify it with, “but they are a nice person”?

That is not the issue when you are looking to make a new choice for yourself. ‘Wrong’ and ‘right’ are just a way to define if you should make a choice that is different than the one you have been making. You want to remember to always add yourself to the scale. Can you live without yourself?

I notice that people are always leaving themselves out of the equation. It is amazing how many people will always put the person that is hurting them on the scale but never themselves.

Try to remember that you only have to make a choice for this moment. Do not get lost in the fear of a choice that you think needs to be made. Only the first choice for yourself. You never know how the others in your life are going to respond to you once you truly start making choices just for yourself.

My clients and students are amazed each and every time when they think someone will act one way, only to discover that when given the choice of freedom, the other responds in a totally different way. So make your choices just for you , as then you can allow others the very same freedom to make choices just for them.

Delrae J Bantz

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