Look at Your Choices to Change Your Life

Flag and declarationWell we have just had here in the United States our Fourth of July, Independence Day holiday. Everyone gathers together to have cook outs and goes and sees fireworks. It is how we celebrate our independence as a new and growing country. There are many facets to this fine Nation to which people from all over the world come because we have freedoms here that are not seen in many other countries.

Yet do you have your total independence from the guilt and obligations that hold you hostage with each and every ordinary choice that you make? Do you make choices that are popular with your Friends and Family? Do they understand why you do? Or do they just say well it is because you have always been that way?

You can look at this in two ways, you are either on your path to the Universal Truth and working on your independence in truth, or you just have come to the place where you have given up ever getting any of your needs filled so you just bully your way through you life and most people avoid having any contact with you.

Which do you think is prompting your behavior? Independence from the concepts and ideas that are put on you does not mean you go through life unhappy. It means that you have come to a place in your heart where you understand that each and every person on this Earth plane has made conscious choices and has asked for the experiences they are having. You will have learned that each choice, no matter how mundane they may seem, in the long run affect how you will be expressing each new day you have.

You are told out there in that world that you are powerless to change. That is the lie and you are believing it. It takes trust in yourself, and discipline, it takes knowing you are accountable for your thoughts, and it is in your thoughts you can very easily see that your choices are going to have you experience the old… or the new.

I do know the very hardest part of what I write is when you try and see how I can see your choices bring about a certain scenario and you have trouble seeing them. It is because you are putting what is called an atomic weight onto the story you tell of your life experiences, in other words you make it ‘matter’.

So look at how you talk about what your life has been up to now. Do you feel you have had a happy life ? Do you feel you have had ups and downs? Do you feel in any way because of your life you are in some way or another handicapped in moving forward and having the very life you desire?

That is what puts matter into your life story. You must start looking only at the choices, and how when you made a choice to be with a person or not, because it was easier, whenever you take the easier choice you are making a choice that is going to have an adverse effect on you…

look at your choices it will change everything about your life as you know it today.





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