Look at the world in the wonderment of a child’s eyes

wonderment childI was speaking about how great it is when you begin to see and are able to not be in that knee-jerk reaction as you can feel those emotions that want to make you say things or do things that makes you wonder who the heck you really are. You are now beginning to stand back from that small inner child and the learned behaviours that have you repeating those patterns in your life that frustrate you so much because they have you acting and/or reacting in ways that are truly detrimental to your well-being.

When you can watch others and feel within your being things that have you feeling emotions that do not have anything to do with the scene you are watching or participating in, you should truly take the time to recognize, to ask yourself, what vibration is twanging you that you want to respond in some manner even though you are choosing not to?

It is right in those moments that you will learn the very most about the why’s and how’s you chose all those years ago to respond with. One of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself is to watch the children in your life. Become a true Guardian by only interacting with them when they are asking questions, not making statements. Learn to recognize when they are simply letting off the steam of their emotions, and when are they truly asking you questions so you can walk them through their concepts and ideas.

By doing this small exercise you are learning to see when you are making statements instead of asking the questions that you need to ask in order to come to the conclusions that allow you to learn about your choice making process. You will be in wonder of how often you are making statements to yourself instead of asking those deep questions that will truly set you free from those frustrating reactions that seem to set you up for disappointment and unhappiness.

It is from watching how children respond to their environment that will give you many clues as to the hows and whys of your internal child as well. Through learning how you are speaking with yourself as well as others you will begin to see why you are setting up those patterns that are helping you to fall down. When you can see these actions, thoughts, and ideas clearly you get to begin to take charge of those actions and make conscious and concise steps that will literally change your life right away when you incorporate them.

It is far better to look at the world in the wonderment of a child’s eyes, than to be acting and responding to your world like a child that has had no experience in this world at all.

So look at those inner feelings and ask true questions off them, not making statements at yourself about how you should know better.





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