Listening to the group consciousness – vs – Internal consciousness

Why do we make choices that we know are not good for us when society says that is what we should do? This has always puzzled me. When I was younger and looking for help in my life choices, I would go out and search for the answers, the direction that I should take. Even as I heard the answers from others I knew when that was not the choice I should make.

Yet I would follow the advice that I had gone searching for and often the outcome came back to me in results that were not healthy for me. I would then sit and feel really bad. I could not figure out why things were not working in my life. I was not a bad person. Yet, in my understanding at the time, bad things kept happening to me!

The advice I was getting just did not seem to fit me as a conscious person. I knew in my heart that the choices, if left totally up to me, would reflect the real girl/woman who I was. Yet what I was lead to believe by others, people that I did love and respect their advice, just did not fit me. It was like wearing a pair of shoes that were too tight. The ones that were your favorite when you were nine but simply didn’t fit when you were 11.

I did look at the fact that I was the one that had gone and asked for the advice of these people yet why did I feel so bad? It was then I began to see.

I had to begin to make the choice solely from my personal perspective. As long as I was following someone else’s choices, I was losing sight of who and what I was. It came to a point where my intimate family thought I was someone else. They did not see the person that was hidden deep within my very soul.

I then began the long road back to whom I am… still working on that project. I think it is a life long lesson. I am much happier now that I am listening to my own feelings. The outcomes are much more suited to who and what I am. Stay true to yourself. For remember what you are feeling today will be your physical experience tomorrow. You are the only one in charge of that!

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