Listen to your Heart… Choose Truth

Make a DecisionLearning to release the past and walk in the truth of this Universe does not mean we walk with no adversity in our lives. It means that when adversity does show up we move through it with grace, peace, and harmony within our heart.

We can not control and should not try to have other people in our lives act or be just the way we would desire them. Walking in truth is about recognizing that each and everyone of us has a choice to be happy, to be sad, to walk lost, or to know exactly where we are.

It is a gentle walk with always an underlying joy if we begin to love those pieces about us that seem to create the greatest contrast in our lives.

We begin to see the reason we are drawing to us the kind of experiences that seem to hamper what our mind and body are telling us we should be having or doing.

It becomes very easy to see that your thoughts and ideas have a magnetic draw; and as a magnet does, so do the experiences we have. The longer we sit in any kind of vibration, the more life experiences will continue to hit our heart in the same way, in a similar vibration.

As I was working with my students last night I was explaining that when you tell a story, and you are telling it with the same intensity as you did when the life experience happened, you are pulling that same vibration through all the time that has gone by… and you are still sitting right there, repeating that moment over and over.

Now, that also means that vibration, of that life experience, has followed you through all of the moments since. So if you are telling a story from years past, no matter how you have tried to change your understandings, beliefs, and ideals, you are still pulling that old vibration with you.

So what I shared was always begin your story with, ‘this is what I have learned about that experience.’ As you retell your story then, it is in the vibration of change. It allows you to change the vibration as new insights come to you about the experience. When you tell the story again and you are looking for what you learned about yourself and how you react, then you will start seeing whether you are still reacting in that manner or where you have begun to change, how you deal with things can then be felt by you.

Once you begin to understand that feel is what changes the course of your life, you will begin to look at all of your life stories in a new light. This will be your doorway into the past of who you desired to be, in contrast to how you walked it in truth. It gives you the tools to see how making a slightly different choice can truly open your heart and your life to be lived in the most extraordinary peace and harmony.

Even when the world events or the people around you are in the chaos of not knowing how to hear their own internal heart. It is our heart that leads us to the truth. It is our heart that we can trust. It is our heart that will always say, ‘you are worthy of love, peace and harmony.’

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