Listen to your HEART

listentoyourheartWhy do I choose to walk in the truth of the Universe?

When I began to realize that most people who lived on this beautiful Earth are really in pain and sorrow, I knew that the things that were being called ‘truth’ were the very things that were harnessing us to that pain and sorrow.

It has never been easy to begin to pull away from the consciousness of what I call the masses. I have found that when I listen to my internal heart, the things that used to cause me pain and sorrow began to be the very things that show me how to set my heart free. It was not easy for me, I kept standing up for the wrong side of the truth and found myself locked into the story of what I had to be instead of standing up for what my heart was saying.

The thing about listening to your heart though is that it truly gives you your freedom to choose. It allows you to choose just for yourself, in the quiet of your heart. Once you have chosen for yourself, it guides you faithfully and in everything you do and feel. There is no guilt .

Your freedom is felt by you more and more each and everyday. In that freedom you will still have choices that you will be cautious in doing. It takes time to come to a place where you are willing to test the truth that when you have a true need and if you feel that need in your heart then you can have it without it ever effecting anyone else.

It is that, more than anything else, that really stops us from filling our very private internal needs. The idea it will negatively affect the people we love. Yet, if we are willing to give up our most internal true selves do we really know how to love?

Please stop and really contemplate what I have just asked. If you are not fulfilling and filling those needs that are the most near and dear to you, can your really be sharing your love with someone else?

You must sacrifice the idea that it is better to love someone outside of you more than you are willing to love yourself. That is not truth. It only leaves you losing your vital energy, the energy that rejuvenates your body, your mind and allows your soul to reside within and fill you with the sweet joy of happiness and truth.

As you walk in the Universal Truth it allows you to be the very symbol for others to desire to have what you have, as you are sharing the gentle truth that only resides from within the core of each and everyone of us. As we walk forward, and more and more of you walk in the truth, it shall allow this beautiful Earth to begin to truly yield for us the treasures that are our birthright.

So even though you are only doing this to have joy and happiness in your heart, your every day walk in the truth will help each and every other person make the same choice… simply by the overflow of the love you will be feeling in your heart just for the sake of feeling love.

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