Lining Up With a New Style of Living

candlesWhen the world looks beautiful and everything is going your way do you now take the time to find out what you did, how you were feeling and the people you met and opportunities that came your way? This is one of the most important times to go back take the time to evaluate the whats, wheres and whys.

Why, you ask me, especially because it feels so good, why would you have to go back and evaluate? This is my answer… You want to make sure at this time when you are meeting new people and have new opportunities that you are up to that standard of living. Ah ha… have you ever put any time into exploring what that means?

Well think about how so many lotto winners win that huge amount of money that they should be set for life and yet in a very short period of time they are right back to where they were. Ask yourself… do you think they were lined up with that new style of life that they were claiming they were ready for?

If they went through their money very quickly it just shows you that even though the opportunity was brought to them from the Universe, they had been sitting in the right feels and their need was spot on for the Universe to match it, but they themselves had not taken the time to align themselves with the vibration of the changes that were now available to them. In other words, they did not take the time to evaluate how they were now feeling, how and when they had grown into the new vibration that brought to them this opportunity. As well as ask questions of themselves how they felt now about the desire to have all that money now that they truly had it.

So again I ask you… now that you are sitting in the experience that you have so desired that happiness is in your life, now that you are meeting and having exciting experiences take the time and walk yourself through the evaluation process. Ask yourself those questions that your adversaries would ask you about your choices and with brutal honesty answer them again for yourself. This is the only way you are going to keep yourself on track and truly have the new experiences and keep them as well as expanding and growing into the new style of life that you are feeling you should have.

When I say ask your questions like your adversaries I mean truly look at the choices, then look at all the emotions and feelings you have had during this walking your needs in the physical sense. What would you change? What would you keep the same? This is the very way you continue to expand and grow, by taking the time and looking at what one step you can take that will put it to perfect. By doing this evaluation during the good experiences you will begin to see how you expand the feeling within your thoughts and feelings through your whole body to have the style of life you desire to hold its place in your life as well as have the expression expand and grow into a solid feeling of being correctly placed in your life.





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