Life… a continuous series of choices

choicesWhen you begin to look at each one of your experiences as new and yet another level of learning about the truth of walking on this wonderful planet in the truth of this Universe, it is also important that you do not start this quest with the idea that you will come to the end and then… Whewwww… you are done.

Because with each experience we have it is simply for the pleasure of the experience and what we can learn about how we interact within the Universe itself. How, though our choices are interactive with someone else’s, we are all accountable for the single choice that we each make.

At any given moment you can make a new choice. One that is only for you, knowing that yes, there will be someone in your life as you make that choice only for you that will be the loudest about why you are hurting them or asking the accusatory questions like, “why are you leaving me behind?” or any hundreds of reasons that people who have used your energy to keep them from looking at their life choices will have. Make a new choice in truth, anyway.





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