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UniversalLoveWhat is true love… do you know? I am asking about true love. Not the love that you are calling love when you meet someone and tell yourself you just cannot live without them. That you call them continually and demand that because they are your true love they should do this for you or they should feel this way because you do.

I do not mean that kind of control. That is not love! The love I speak of lets you see the things about yourself that need to be looked at and evaluated and changed without thinking the worse of yourself or any other person that played in the story with you.

I am talking about the kind of love that lets those in your life have their own life and then when you share your moments together they are the most glorious moments of all.

Do you think there would be a need to lie or tell half truths if you stood up for that kind of love? So why do you feel that you prefer to have a controlling love over others and then, when talking to your friends or family, complain about how controlling those people you love are over you?

Is it because you do not feel you would have people in your life? Is it because the people in your life would change as you were learning and living out new experiences? Are you saying that you have to have a certain kind of person in your life to have a certain kind of love so you must control every aspect of their life? Or is it that you feel you have no control or choice over your own life so you feel to control is how you feel safe?

All of the above answers of course, are simply to show you that you do not understand the concept of the Universal Love. That is a most glorious kind of love that allows each of you to have experiences to learn from them, and lets you repeat an experience over and over until you complain so loudly that you can finally hear that you need a change in your life.

So then love yourself enough, as the Universal love does and allow the changes in your life that will allow you to love the magnificent glory of your life. If you do no love your life, that is a very big clue you are not touching Universal Love.
Delrae J Bantz

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