Let Your Story Reveal You

what story do you tell yourselfAs I have been contemplating and listening to other’s talk I have noticed that for some reason, when we retell a life story, we seem to want to embellish the retelling. Yet when you tell the story, and you embellish the story, you are not only changing the vibration of the story, you are rewriting your history.

If you are aware that you are adding to your story, and you always remember that when you retell your story that you have added to the dramatics of the story, and you remember that the lesson for you is in the original truth of the story, then you can still benefit. What I have seen happen though is through time, as you are retelling your story, you are standing in the dramatics of the embellished story and not the actual physical experience.

When you do this you are coloring your story in a way that is biased. That bias prevents you from really learning about how you feel and think about you. You then lose sight of the true feelings that you have about anything. That is why, if you really are asking yourself… Who am I? What things do I like? When did I lost sight of who I am? …that you have this feeling of not knowing anything about yourself.

This is why it is so hard to get in touch with your own feelings.

This is why you get lost and try to live your life through someone else’s feelings.

This is how we can so easily make choices off of someone else’s decisions.

It is so easy to get lost and think we are making decisions and choices and yet they always seem to fall flat on the ground. It is all because when you look at an experience you are having, you are not looking at it for the simple expression of the truths that you are trying to tell yourself.

Please remember, each and every live physical experience is just to show you where your thoughts and words are compared to what you feel you are.

Did you hear what I just said? You do not have any experience without your internal being asking for a lesson about self. This is not about learning about your spouse… your children… your parents. This is and always has been a quiet, simple walk to teach you about yourself. This walk is not about getting someone else to do your bidding or helping the world at large. It is about learning why your heart feels the way it does. To learn how to tell yourself the truth about the experience that you just had.

It is to show you that by doing what you did, your heart feels the way it does. Once you have the experience then you take a look at each step you took to get there and ask yourself, “Do I want the same experience?” If not, once again go back and look at your story, the experience. What were your choices? Would you make them again? Why would you? That of course depends on whether you feel a positive or negative result. You have the power to change how you respond to any situation.

This is where your power is, tell yourself the real truth about your stories, then begin to have the courage to tell others the truth about your story. That is when you have the strength to actually change how you respond to your story.

So now I hope you understand why to embellish a story is one of the most harmful things you can do for your own inner understanding of self.

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