Let THEM off the hook for YOUR happiness

How do you stand up for being yourself without having conflict? How do we communicate what our needs and desires are when someone in our life does not want to see how to fill their own needs and still wants you to help them fill theirs?

These are questions that I hear a lot. I feel they are very important because communication has so much been abused and so very few people are actually listening to anything you may be saying… they are just sitting in the expectancy of the title that you hold.

What do I mean about title? Well, I am talking about what people label you as: such as child, sibling, parent, significant other and spouse as well as many others. Yet these labels or titles sets you up as well as you set others up.

I am talking about the fact that just because we have these labels/titles, people very quickly fall into the belief that you are going to fill a part of their needs. And you fall into that trap too! Consider what you think about when you imagine having someone share your life with you. What elements are you really thinking about?

Most people think about how the other person is going to help them.

What happened to the original idea that we can only create for ourselves?

Yes, that is the only way it works. If you try and share your dream with someone and then try and actualize it, does it still look like your dream when it is actualized? Or does it have bits and pieces of the other person?

So then you end up compromising your dream. “Oh”, you say, “well that is the natural course of things.” Is it? Is it really what was intended?

I say then you must look at the choices you are making about the people you are sharing your life with. Remind me again, Why did you choose them? To create for you help to take care of you? Well how is that working for you?

It is time for you to start creating for yourself, you will feel empowered, which you will then see how much better it is for you to create for yourself. You will also find that you did not have to give up the people in your life. You just have to learn to let them off the hook for your happiness. That is and always has been just for you to do.

Come on talk with me… you do not even have to agree with me. or at least write me.. let’s chat.

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