Learning to love self

The more I began to realize that my mind chatter was all the voices that pushed me past my own boundaries as I was growing up, the more I began to see that there was and is a way of unraveling and truly quieting the chatter . There comes a time when the mind chatter fades away all together; Where the only voice you will hear is the one that is the true voice of your internal God essence.

How did I find this out? Well, I cannot say that it is easy, unless you are ready to change. Once that is the walk that a person is taking , you really do learn to hold yourself accountable in a way that always puts you first in any scenario. Some people call this selfish. I have always called it, Self  is necessary. I say this over and over to my clients and students . For without you what is there?

Are you ready to take the responsibility of your own feelings? Are you ready to stop blaming others for your problems and your stalling that is preventing you from moving out of the mind-set you are in? The one that is keeping you where you are right here and right now?

When  I speak with people, so many of them, without even hearing the question say, “No!” to every suggestion given to them. Do you know some one like that? They are desperate for change in their lives yet, at every corner they are saying the can’t do this or that or the other thing because…

Well, that is simply because they and we are looking outside of ourselves for answers; For the excuse of why we are in this mess, this pain, this life. We must learn to take stock of our choices. We do not have to like the ones we have made in the past, but we must come to accept we made them. Every second of every day, we made them and are still making them.

It is at the time we accept this that we begin to learn to love ourselves for making them.

I do not want to get too far ahead of myself  but I do want everyone to know that with dedication for the change in your life you can succeed. Change is possible and it takes only one step at a time… nothing more or less.

Do you agree with me? If not then I ask you challenge me, tell me what you think.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

2 thoughts on “Learning to love self

    • It was the greatest finding for my own understanding of myself. When, I took the power back and learned to stop putting some one else in charge of how I was going to feel, It was the first step of true love of my own being, my own actions. I could so easily change my action steps. It was of course a simple step, but, took me a little longer to not look out side of myself to blame some one else.

      I am glad that my words could help.. have a wonderful day…

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