Learning to find Joy, undercurrents get in the way!

I would like to share so that everyone can begin to understand and feel the great love that is available to each and every one of us. The sense of wonderment and joy as a stranger walks up and shares with you just a moment in time. Yet how the love felt can change your life in an instant.

To do this we must first understand what has been standing in our way.  Would you believe it if I told you , that you were the only one standing in your way?

Yes, it is the truth. We are the only ones that get in our own way of complete love, peace, and joy in our lives. No it is not money, people, circumstances or anything that anyone can use for a reason for not having complete peace in this world of conflict and pain. We, and only we, are in charge. We just need to learn what needs to change in our thoughts and our words to have a complete change in our life, right here and right now.

When I meet someone I am in the wonder of how wonderful they are in sharing their help and love. I know it was not always like this. I was confused when I would meet someone and be treated with anger and mistrust though I never looked at myself like I was like that. I always wanted to share with my friends and family. Why would I be treated like this.

I have since come to understand, like the theory of Relativity when an energy is sent out into our Universe, it has to come back. I have learned our feelings and our thoughts work on the same principle. If all your thoughts are about how bad your life is that is an energy you are sending that out before you. So as the theory, it has to come back to you. The way all things come back to us here on this beautiful planet is through physical experience.

Yes, physical experience. So it is very easy to see just what our emotions are bringing to us to live and to hold, and this is showing us what our true emotions are sending out. This is what I call an undercurrent of thoughts.

Agree with me? if not Challenge me.. I love to hear from you

have a wonderful day into the evening tide…

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