Learning New Behaviors

learning to walkWhen you begin to see that you have created a behavior to protect yourself from the very life you are living it is at times very overwhelming to try to take charge of your life. There are so many things that you have to bring to the table.

You have to see that you made a conscious choice to be where you are, you have to begin to see how you, yourself, created the learned behavior.You have to stop looking at those around you for the state of affairs that you are in. You have to start learning to tell the truth about your feelings at all times. You have to learn how to evaluate each choice you are making. You have to know that you ask a question of yourself and answer that one question then ask another question off of your answer. Not make statements about the answer you got. You have to know there is only the lack in your life that you perceive it to be.

These are just a few of the things that have to come to your conscious mind and you must maintain your focus at all times on these things, as they intertwine, as you learn to be and take charge of the real you. You have to let go of the control over others that you don’t even want to acknowledge you have over them.

Wow, you say there is just way too much for me to comprehend, I will fail for sure. Then ask yourself this, the first time you learned anything new were there not a lot of components to the task that was to be learned? When you took your time and focused on each individual step did you not feel the flow of how to not only learn how to do the new thing but to actually get good at it? That is all that is going on now as you once again walk back to the original internal being that you intended on being here on the planet. You must always remind yourself that the natural state of this earth is joy, yes joy! If you are not in joy you have put up walls and barriers in the way of your natural state of joy.

The processes I am sharing will bring you back to your natural state of joy. So when you get frustrated because you missed an understanding, I say be in joy and happiness because you are totally aware that there are steps to take, and a very short time ago you did not know that, you only knew you were very unhappy. Now you have steps to take to get the truth of your experience here on earth back.

Remember, before you make a decision you must evaluate as many ways as you can think of that the scenario could go, then you make your choice on whether you are going to participate or not. Then evaluate after the scenario has played out in your life. That is the one sure-proof way of staying on top of the choices you are making and how they make you feel. You can very easily get yourself back on track from one choice. more easily than you can from a lifetime of learned behaviors and controlling of others.





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