Learning about our true feelings not the ones we share with others.

How often do we claim loudly what our feelings are, and then if we take time to really analyze those feelings we find out that is not how we feel at all? Do we as loudly proclaim that we have come to a different understanding? Then do we then stand up for the change by not acting the same old way to the people in our lives???

When we begin to see that the things we claim make us feel a certain way but in reality do not, do we truly take charge and not respond with old emotions? This is where we begin to be accountable for our own feelings. When instead of lashing out in the old way, we step back a minute bring in that second person there in our minds and ask, ‘Do I wish to repeat this old pattern now that I have learned I really do not have the feelings about this like I was claiming?’

This is when you will be taking charge of your life. Even though an old pattern has begun it does not have to end the same way as before. It will take time to change your responses that have become second thought for yourself. You must always remember to have the love for self, and do not get discouraged with yourself. Do not give up on yourself… you are worth it and have the right to have peace in your life.

Once we begin to take accountability and responsibility for ourselves, we have such a sense of power. We can accomplish anything we put our minds too. We begin to understand that we have always been the only obstacle in our own way. Yes, that is what I said, it has and will always be only ourselves that prevent us from any and all experiences. Do you have the courage to make a difference in your own life? I know I did and am doing so in my life each and every day!

With the love I would show a small child, taking the time to show them how to do something new for themselves, I show myself. That is how you find there is always a way. Then I begin to see whether what I desire to experience is truly what I desire to experience and realize there is always a way. Which is the best way for me. Only me….

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