Learn to stand in the whole truth for self!

When you decide to make a choice because of someone else, you are standing in a half truth. One of the worst things we picked up from our early training was to make choices counter to our true feelings.

We were told to share, to not be selfish. “Always put someone else before yourself.” Does this sound familiar? Well, that is just the beginning.

There are times you get to choose to give to someone else. First though, you have to learn to stand in the whole truth for self.

‘Being Selfish’ has been made taboo for all of us. Which for you should mean… I must put myself first. It is your first step to knowing that you are going to do this to set yourself free, free from concepts and ideas that have been holding you hostage to not feeling that your life is your own.

You have a birthright to make all your choices just for you. I can spend many hours debating with you about why you must only fill your own needs, yet I know that once you begin filling your needs just for yourself you will see that everyone around you will begin to see your happiness. And then the most incredible things start to happen, people begin to ask you  how and why you are so happy…. Yes, you heard right.

But first things first… you must learn to make your choices for yourself based on your true feelings. When you make your choices in the beginning it is going to feel wrong, because you have made all your choices up to this moment for someone or a group of someones for so very long. Now you must learn to stand for self.

What does it mean to stand for self? It means you are going to take the time to contemplate, to know from the depths of your heart that you are making this choice because it is the only one you can make and still keep your head held high in pride for the choice.

Whenever you make the choice that speaks to your heart it will not lead you to deceive those around you. You will be able to explain your choice and those around you will truly understand. Will they necessarily like your choice? No, but they will understand and will work on having the strength for themselves to learn to do the same thing for themselves.

so, write to me, call me, lets talk … come on  make the choice to change your life.


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