Learn to Discern

When you are sharing your energy, you must become totally conscious that you are. This is where each and every one of us makes mistakes. Here you are, learning something new about yourself, you feel the power of you growing within you, you are on top of the world… Wow, can this get any better?

Yes, and no. This is where discernment has to become your everyday watch word. Many wonderful experiences can be yours and they can continue as you learn to expand your energy. The most common thing that happens, of course, is because you are on an upward energy swing you are going to meet a lot of people. You will start drawing them from everywhere!

The discernment comes in when you recognize that some people are on a swing down as they meet and match your energy… and some are on the swing up as you are. Are you starting to understand where I am coming from now?

Of course you have an inner voice that will direct you every step of the way. It will let you know which swings that these individuals may be on… the upward swing or the downward swing.

This voice is so very quick in helping us that most of the time the untrained God-Being misses it. Many call it intuition. This is really your guidance system and it has nothing to do with anything outside of yourself. We all have it. The problem is we are trained from our parents and others in our world who do not know how to be true guardians, to move away from that inner voice and instead listen to their voices so they control your mind and thinking. They do not do this maliciously, it is simply how they were trained.

So, you now have an intellect that is not of your internal knowings and it is in conflict with your internal guidance system. Sounds like a lovely war doesn’t it. Well is that not what happens to you every time you are trying to make a decision on a life choice just for you?

The reason I bring this up is this… the danger as you first begin to soar in your creative you, is that you will miss the messages from your inner guidance system. You must learn to trust in the guidance system that you are not now using if you want to successfully discern who is energetically on a down swing and who is on an up swing. Which ones do you want to interact with and allow into your life experience?

This is a time to make new choices about these others in your life, others who may be brief encounters or they may be lifelong people who you might not have chosen if you would have used your guidance system at that very first encounter.

Please give it some thought and start training yourself to listen to your inner God-voice today.

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