Learn to Acknowledge and Allow the New to Come into Your Life

skyplanetsAs you wake in the morning do you take the time to just stretch and go into your internal self? To take stock with sweet joy of all the things that your heart has been feeling, the creations that you have been thinking about? Take the time as you begin your day to accept the lessons that you have been asking your questions on. Accept the creations, learn to acknowledge and allow the new to come into your life.

You are interacting in a very new way with the mathematical way this planet works Before you begin to truly take charge of your life you have the freewill not to believe that it is your thoughts, words, and feelings that create each and every aspect of your life. So the way the Universal law works is that while you are on auto pilot there comes a time when you come to a consciousness that pulls at your heart strings in a gentle movement that give you an inkling that there must be more to this planet. Now you begin to question the core beliefs that you and those around you have been holding. At this time you begin to draw to you new concepts and ideals that fit more to the mathematical feeling from within you .

Are you beginning to see how you are in charge of each piece of awakening that you are experiencing? This is the core of how the Universe supports you. It is your birthright, for you and those around you, to have the very personal experiences that you are having just as it is the next persons birthright to have their concepts of life. It is truly not about looking at what the person standing next to you is walking. You will be so surprised, as you go forward, to discover how everything you have taken for granted… your ideas of how this planet of ours has worked… is outside of the truth. And yet now, as you take control, the real control, you will see how easy it is to go from the automatic control of your elders into the standard transmission where you and only you make each and every thing that happens be from you and only you.

You are now on the first steps of walking into the process called ascension. As you take these steps you will begin to see how that has always been the plan for all of us god beings; How to come to this plane and teach ourselves how to put a limitation on ourselves and then how to push up against that limit and begin to create another limit that is larger and more exciting than the last.

Why have we all done this incredible thing? Well, when we are in the fifth dimension we are interacting with all the beings here and in all the other planes of learning. We do so until we get bored with the fact that we feel and poof we have the expression in a physical sense of the feel. So we simply want to add what I call the Nth degree, so it puts a hesitation into the creation process. It is no more than that. You  do not have to make it hard. None of us have to make it hard, all you have to do is come to the truth that no matter what you are feeling that feeling will become your physical experience.





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