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Quotation-Charlie-Kaufman-communication-talking-Meetville-Quotes-266159What is the art of communication? So many of you are telling me no one hears you, you talk and talk and share you intimate feelings and yet you are not being heard. Well, I have a question for you… What is talking and what is communicating? They are two totally different things. Is is possible that all you do is talk and not really communicate your real feelings and emotions?

Are you talking with yourself or are you communicating with yourself? Talking is about telling stories but they have no meaning other than you have shared them before and you are not taking stock of how and why you are sharing them. Communication is when you take the time for yourself to look at your life stories, to break them down, see where you made a choice to support the God essence within you or where your choice took you down the road of upset and heartache.

It is looking at each story, at each piece of your life as evidence that will set you free from the confines and concepts of the physical world without you losing your heart, your internal being, in the process. You see, if you are continually just talking about your story you call your life, you never gain the power of knowing you are the one making the choices. The choices to be happy, to be empowered by the experience or wounded and broken by the experience. You see the choice is really in how you tell your story. If it is just to explain why you are broken you are simply talking… so of course no one will ever hear you.

Yet you can tell the same story, communicating what you discovered about what choices you made and what choices you could have changed… and in so doing it would have rewritten your story, your experience. How it has helped you to be aware of when you are making the same kind of choice which lead you backwards, and then the steps you now take to be aware of like choices and then make different ones. How you keep track of whether you are simply talking to yourself to sooth your heart by the choice you continue to make which brings you heartache or whether you are honing your skills in communicating with the deepest love for yourself that you need to make different choices .

The reason being you do not want to have the same outcome at the end of a year and find you are right back where you started from. That all comes from simply talking because you are not really listening to yourself. But you get frustrated because no one else is listening either. Here is a clue… if you feel no one is listening, stop talking! Learn the skills to communicate with yourself from the core of your being. It is there and only there you will learn to make the choices that are life altering. Learn the art of communication with yourself first and then everyone will be able to hear you.


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