Know that you are a great liar

Knowing that you are a great liarOkay, I know I have been spending a lot of time writing about talking to yourself and truly communicating with yourself. Understand that it is very easy to slip into talking to yourself rather than truly communicating. It is not easy to break old habits and beliefs about the truth of this world that we live in.

Yet your heart is what is continually leading you to learn more and more about the truth of this wonderful world that we live in. If you are not happy with the way your life is going then please be aware it is because you are talking to yourself. The communing with your heart and allowing your heart to guide you is the true form of communicating.  You must always go into the internal place within self to be able to see and feel your mathematical grid that you set up at the time just before your birth.

So yes, this is a wonderful place to play and to explore and to gain great wisdom from. Yet do not lose sight of the fact that you have chosen the mathematical grid that is allowing you to have your physical expression. As the god being in charge of your life you can shift and change your grid at any time. That is all done by the intimate communication with your own heart. That can only be done by building and strengthening that bond between the external you and the internal you.

The internal you has always pulled deeply at your conscious state of mind and the external you has gotten lost within the mass consciousness. So you let those around you sway you from what your internal you is screaming as loudly as it can to get you to always walk in the true Universal Love. That is why you can use your eyes and tell yourself you should be happy yet you simply do not feel happy.

STOP! Yes, STOP trying to talk yourself into being happy. Learn to go in and communicate with the real you so that you can begin the process of truly finding out what external steps you have to take to begin to allow the happiness and the love that is the birthright of each and every one of us.

One of the first steps is knowing that you are a great liar. You began to lie to yourself the first time someone talked you into believing that not getting what you need is okay.

They did not know how to create their needs for themselves so they were trying to prepare you for the same kind of let down. Instead of you going in and communicating your sadness about not having the teaching that supported that feeling you were having, you began to lie to yourself and allowed the lie to begin in your life.

When you take the time you will see, right there, that you had a knowing that what you were being told was not correct. Now, today, you must stand up for the fact you had that knowing and take all the time you require to get yourself to stop believing the lie that you cannot have your needs met each and every time. That will be your task. One that you should gladly pick up, and with joy begin to catch yourself as you want to lie to yourself when you say anything that begins with, “I can not do that because…”

Good Luck!





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