Knowing ‘self is necessary’ is NOT about excluding others

1-1-3Let me explain what I mean by the phrase ‘Self Is Necessary‘.

A while back I was sharing my dislike for going out and doing things by myself. The friend I was speaking to seemed somewhat shocked. It turns out this friend misunderstood my program and courses on Self is Necessary. I heard them say that I should be able to do everything by myself, being as I am the Queen of ‘Self is Necessary’.

I just smiled, and thought to myself, “Okay, I am expressing myself in a way that is saying you have to be alone. No! Remembering that ‘Self is Necessary’ is especially crucial when we are in loving, caring relationships.”

When a person is living their life and learning about themselves in their hearts, they are calling out for that special someone to share in their life’s journey. I am sure that you have had that feeling at least once in your lifetime. Well, when you meet someone and they seem to fit all those places that you feel unsure of or not so strong in, you might be tempted to think because they are in your life, it is their strength helping you on your way.

I am saying that the reason that person was noticed by you at all is because you were already in the octave to allow that lesson and understanding to be made a part of your understanding.  Don’t fall into believing you have now given your power over to the person you are identifying as the one that has that piece that you did not have.

If you do you will find yourself losing that piece of your growth, because you are crediting it to the other person and not holding it for yourself.

This is how we begin to allow the other person in the relationship to take a piece of us. We do not continue to act as a single human being within the relationship. We lose sight that we should be creating a third world or universe where the two of you create just for you. Even if you have children as a result of this relationship, the relationship between you and your partner should be separate and whole unto itself.

That way you continue to grow unto yourself, as the other person grows unto themselves. Why do we have fear of losing a partner or lover? Ask yourself… is it because then all the pieces about yourself that you no longer were recognizing as needing to be challenged and learned about you continued? Do you find yourself unhappy in the relationship because of this very thing? You gave yourself over, you began doing things that were not of your nature. Why?

Is it because you forgot about being you, a separate and whole person unto yourself?

Is that not the real reason your special someone came into your life in the first place?

Please understand this – it is because the place you were in/at when you met was because of the joy of your new understanding of you in the first place. That…  is…  what…  drew…  them…  to…  you!

That is why you should always be in the relationship with yourself, first and foremost. That way, when and if your special someone is gone, you still know your strengths and weaknesses and you can go on with hope in your heart and love for the experience of your life in the new moment.

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