Knowing only YOU are accountable for every thought, word, and deed

Dont-BelieveEach day you are going to want to take a look at the steps you took yesterday. How did you do in your communications with yourself? The way you know is by the interactions that you are having not only with those most intimate with you but how are you also interacting with acquaintances, and with people you are just meeting? How about people you are talking with on the phone or while walking into a gas station?

Are you having people help you whenever you are asking or do you find that people in general give you attitude? Did you have your everyday needs met or are you still feeling that you can get almost all of your needs met but still are coming up short? Do you ask yourself, “Why do I never get 100% of my needs met?”

If you begin to take the time to evaluate each morning as you are driving to work and as you are coming home you will begin to see how you are tripping yourself up in your true communications within yourself. You will begin to see a direct correlation to how you are interacting with people in general and how your needs are coming back to you.

It is so you can see the overall emotions that you have flowing through you at any given time. Those emotions are a direct correlation to why your needs are coming to you with less than a 100% accuracy. The way you talk in your head always seems to you the most positive way. It is when you ask others or truly begin to listen to how you respond to others that you get a true insight on how your mind flows in its most natural way.

You do and are the only one that can be accountable for the way your heart feels and for making those emotions that you are carrying go out and away from you as they are suppose to. I would like to share with you that emotions are supposed to be looked at and then released. They are simply triggers letting you know when you are walking away from your true internal self. They were only meant to guide you back to your internal godness, never for you to carry with you day in and day out.

Your feelings are the joy, the happiness, that surrounds you and makes your soul sing. It is those things you are to carry with you that puts that special skip in your walk. It is up to you to recognize the difference between the two and to only hold and expand in your heart the joy and happiness. What you have done is hold those emotions of not good enough, never measuring up, and all those things you do not want in your life. Yet, the very reason it is, is because the Universe only matches what is expanded from your heart. So if your thoughts, your words, and your deeds, match the emotions… the things you do not want… well it has nothing else to use to send you. Is your life not the proof of what I am sharing?





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