Keeping the Mountaintop in our hearts.

Going to the mountaintop, what does that term mean? I hear it used frequently. To me going to the mountaintop is a sort of cop out. When one goes to the mountaintop one should be able to learn to bring back all that is obtained and incorporate it within their daily lives. To bring the peace and harmony, the tranquility that we have found and place it within our hearts.

By placing it within our hearts we can and should carry it with us wherever we go or are at every moment of every day.

It is our birth right to walk in the joy that is the grace of God. That is what I truly believe it means when it says , “We are created in his image. “

So, when we are not in joy we are walking outside of the Universal truth. It is our accountability and responsibility to always go back to the state of joy.

So, the things that I teach are based on that premise – how to walk our daily life here, among all the chaos and turmoil and strife, and learn to walk above it. Not to run and hide and then go and live for the next time we can go back to the mountain top. Instead, to have our heart be that mountain top. To live to the fullest each and every moment that we are here. To heal and unite our mind , body and spirit.

I know it is possible for each and every person that participates fully with their lives. They can, with work and understanding, live with the joy in their hearts that was always intended for us all to have… each and every moment on this earth.

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