Joy is not possible with doubt lurking in our minds.

I have also found that my doubts about my ability stand the very most between me and my glorious joy. It stands in the way of my most wonderful creations. It is doubt, yes!

I have walked this for many years and I know I have come to a place where I understand that doubt can not be in a person’s heart in any part of your creation.

We have to come to a place where as a man or woman, we know that the Universe simply supports us. That there is no wrong way to create. It simply does not choose from you or I to receive the bounty the Universe has and shares.

It is about us standing strong in the fact that the Universe simply gives us what our feelings are about anything. It has no other function than to fill our feelings. Yet, if all we sit in is emotions, those emotions are not going to make it or pull off this or that. If that is all you have sat in for most of your life guess what… the Universe is going to match. Yes, you are now correct… the Universe is going to keep sending you your emotion to experience again and again and again. It is not until you quiet yourself, take stock, and clearly desire what it is you really feel you need .

Then you must guard yourself from all those emotions that you have been so used to having in your thoughts. This is when you choose to create doubt that the Universe may have another motive for not giving you what you think you need.

Stand strong! Stand for your desires, let them come to fulfillment. Let yourself FEEL! It is this very walk that allows you to see for yourself that what I am saying, the words that I am using, is true. They stand the test of time. Do not give up on yourself  just as you are ready to find out the truth. Hold fast to your feeling and you can have it all. You always have had this power.

Do you agree with me?  Challenge me. I am waiting to hear what you have to say…  Have a wonderful day into the evening tide.

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